We previewed some of our drone-captured photographs from the study sites while providing an insight to how we are currently processing the images with RGB filtering and data analysis using the free “Bio7” and “R” software. While presenting we made comparisons to our “ground truthing” survey as a way of evaluating the drone’s imagery for species identification.

We also explained how we plan to develop our project in the near future, such as photographing flowering species within the meadows in an attempt to record flower abundance and species of plant that are of any particular interest as well as testing the drone’s capabilities on inaccessible benches.

After a Q&A session at the end of the presentation we had just enough time to take the judges to one of our sites (the bench). Unsurprisingly the appearance of the vegetation had changed since our last visit, most noticeably the wild Marjoram Orignum vulgare was in full flower this time.