Last year Jakub cooperated with Vojta Kolář from South Bohemian University during his research near Dráchov. So we decided to ask Vojta whether he wants to share the research data again (and he agreed).
Our cooperation is based on sharing faunistic data about water Arthropods caught into funnel traps Vojta had lent us (details in the next blog). We use these traps mainly for catching the Amphibians. Vojta will send us water Arthropod species list after he determinates the material collected by us. He also gave us a few tips about rare water beetles that might occur in the Planá sandpit and can be connected to some geospecifics. Vojta also gave us some Eppendorf-like tubes and two other sizes of sample tubes for storing caught material.
In the pictures you can see water beetle Cybister lateralimarginalis caught near Olomouc on one of our trips and donated sample tubes.