Being so multidimensional, wildlife sleeps neither by day, nor by night; neither in summer, nor in winter. In late January, when the awaited snow covered the slopes of the Rybals`ky Quarry with a white blanket, our team of zoologists conducted an analysis of wintering mammals and birds on its territory. The snow cover plays an important role in the winter ecology of animals and allows us to conduct a detailed study of their activity by their tracks.
By the tracks, we determined the presence of fox, beech marten, least weasel, red squirrel, European hare, Ural field mouse. The bird population was much more diverse – we observed 10 species. A flock of common ravens flew in the air. Their relatives – European jay and hooded crow – were seen in the forest biotope on the Quarry`s southern slope. In a search for food, a mixed flock of great tits and Eurasian blue tits, following a Syrian woodpecker, investigated the tree trunks and even stems of cane. At the Quarry`s border with agrocenosis, we found the signs of feeding of a common pheasant. Birds of prey were represented by a northern guest – rough-legged buzzard, Eurasian sparrowhawk and a young white-tailed eagle which flew over the quarry, observing its hunting grounds.
As an experiment, we left piles of mixed grain to study the possibility of attracting birds to the Quarry in future.