As example of simple action that local community may apply to support biodiversity of the environment - is building of insect hotels. We have prepared 12 small wood boxes and children that visiting the library of city Slantsy could fill boxes by nature material and thus create future houses for insects. Every child (and even two adults) before filling of house painted it using patterns of insects and special paints. Then they chose materials for filling that were collected by project team at the quarry and by children by themselves: wood sticks, reeds, pine cones, limestones, leaves. To preserve the filled houses for transportation and safe installation, we stapled net over the fillers.
One of boxes we left for the teacher of children so she could use it for future lessons as an example and maybe they will create more insect houses or whole hotels for city of Slantsy and the Pechurki quarry. Other filled insect houses we will install during our next visit to the quarry.
One of the tasks of our project is to study pollinators of orchids on the Pechurki quarry, so the part of the insect houses will be placed close to the area where the orchids are growing and we will look if the houses will host orchids pollinators.
Video of lesson with children was published in Russian social network "Vkontakte" in community of Slantsy's library