In order to extract eDNA from water, the water must be passed through a filter no larger than 2µm. This can be done using varying methods and techniques. These however involve expensive equipment, are time expensive and require processing on the day of collection to prevent degradation of DNA as well as being large and heavy! Not ideal for use in the field!
We therefore needed something that was cheap, light and easy to carry from site to site, effective, easy to use and able to pump large volumes of water. We decided that using a drill pump and a battery operated drill would be the easiest method of doing this. After spending the past month testing our equipment and improving it, we have eventually created a finished pumping system that we are happy with.
The field lab technicians and PhD student Laura Weldon have been very helpful in helping to make this happen, so a special thanks to them! We look forward to using it and hopefully finding DNA from the endangered European Eel!