On June 4, despite the day being hot, in a few hours, we managed to check over 80% of the nests. As we presumed, the great tit was dominant among the birds using the artificial nests. Among 52 log bird boxes which we checked, 22 were inhabited , in 14 cases by great tits. Four of the other log boxes were inhabited by Eurasian wrynecks, and one of the nest boxes for little owls was inhabited by Eurasian scops owls – entered in the Red Book of Ukraine! The birds were not the only creatures which chose log nest boxes as their homes. In two boxes, there were nests of forest dormice, tidily made out of popular leaves. By the way, this animal is one of the main enemies of birds which nest in tree hollows and tree crowns. However, the number of the forest dormice in the Quarry is not high enough to affect the population of birds.