In the vicinity of the routes by local geosites, our second bead was the Zucha balka (hollow). The role of guides willingly took on the girls from the team of the Mykils’ka-na-Dnipri School. The team was formed and organized for excursions by the teacher of geography Vitaliy Kuzhil, and the children really turned out to be excellent connoisseurs of all the secret paths of the balka. Zhucha balka is one of the best hollows of the regional landscape park "Dniprovi Porogi". In its upper reaches a natural ravine forest grows and on the deep bottom of the hollow stream cold springs. On the bottom of the shadowy ravine, there are picturesque granite boulders, and the flora abounds with rare and relict species. In general, on the route, we could meet representatives of several phytocenotic complexes: weed, meadow, broadleaf forest and steppe.