The excursion for us was made by Maksim Alyokhin, the student of TSPU name after Tolstoy, and the QLA contest coordinator in Russia Tatiana Morozova.
First, we looked at the general view of the quarry from the observation point; it is easy to see from there the slopes that are being developed at the moment, overgrown slopes, reservoirs that formed at the bottom of the quarry, dumping areas that just began to recover. From the stories of our guides we learned that such a diversity of landscapes provides conditions for a variety of animals and plants.
Then we went to one of the slopes, where Maksim Alyokhin told us about the research on invertebrates, which he keeps on making for 2 years. He showed insects’ samples from his collection and told us about their behavior peculiarities.
Then we went down to the bottom of the quarry, where we saw ponds where water vegetation already formed. There we saw ducks, gulls, other small birds, frogs, dragonflies and these were only those species that we managed to see for a short time while we were there. We also played a game and guessed who else can live here or come for food. Our guesses turned out to be correct, because we already know how food chains in the animal world are built.
We really enjoyed excursion and the quarry is very beautiful!